Who We Are

Is a private Group of Companies founded by Hadj Mohamed Zergoun in 1948 as "Zergoun Entreprise" in Ouargla, Seventy Kilometers (70 km) away from Hassi Messaoud.

At the strart, it main activities are civil work, Transportation to support oil and gas drilling contractors, and drilling shallow water wells for agricultural needs for states owned and privates companies.

Zergoun Green Energy

ZERGOUN GREEN ENERGY is the renewable energy subsidiary of GROUP ZERGOUN
ZGE aims to grow in the renewable energy sector, in particular by producing
PV modules through the launch of the largest plant in Africa with a capacity of more than 180 MW annual highly automated.


Sarl TBRHO frères Zergoun is mainly involved in the following activities :
- Civil Works for Oil gas operators and Petroleum Services Companies
- Camp and Rig Platforms Construction, Access Roads, Airstrips
- Construction of new asphalted roads and mantenance of the existing roads


In order to diversify its activities, Zergoun Group was awarded, through auctions, two exploration sites and one
mine development site.


In order to provide integrated services to oil and gas operators, the group has extended its activities to cover the drilling of water wells to support drilling operations.

Ils nous ont fait confiance

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